Large Black pigs at Chase View Farm Chase View Farm logo
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Balwen Welsh mountain sheep with frosty fleeces Kune Kune pig arc in the snow Chase View Farm Kune Kune View east past our copse to Millmeece pumping station Kune Kunes, one resting, one irritating Kune Kunes tunnelling through the snow to their water trough. Sleep when the sun shines Large black pigs, thinking about getting up for food Balwen lamb in a dog crate whilst it needed a little TLC Kune Kunes, time for (another) lay down Large black pigs having (another) lazy afternoon Eggs. From double-yolkers down to bantams rhode island red 1 day old Large Black piglet checking the perimeter for gaps Large Black piglets - you can see why they're called Elephant Pigs dgbTemp.avi