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At Chase view Farm our rare breed pigs are Large Blacks and Oxford Sandy and Blacks.

The Large Blacks are also known as Elephant Pigs due to the long thin lop ears hanging down over their faces. They are one of Britain’s oldest pig breed, but there are now only 200-300 breeding sows and they are classified as vulnerable by the RBST. There are currently 6 boar lines and 24 sow lines remaining. All our stock are pedigree and registered with the BPA. These are lovely pigs, docile and friendly yet inquisitive and playful. They have permanent smiles and are excellent rotivators. They are extremely hardy (suitable for any climate) and an excellent choice for a novice pig keeper due to their placid temperament. The breed is particularly noted for its high quality, sweet and succulent  pork. Ours live either in paddocks next to the house, when they are farrowing, or roaming around a 3 acre copse. Large Blacks are efficient grazers and can get up to 50% of their food intake from foraging.

We also have pedigree Kunekune pigs. These live in our small orchard and originate from New Zealand. They arrived in Britain in 1992 and our sows are out of Elcombe Te Whangi III and Kooki Trish I. Kunes are extremely friendly pigs who love human company and a lot of attention. They are intelligent, easy to train and love nothing more than a tummy rub in the sunshine. They are grazers however, so if the grass runs short (and they are always hungry) some shallow furrows may be created in mossy areas. They have huge personalities and a great pet for all the family.

Kunekune at Chase View Farm Link to Kune Kune Society website Large Black pigglets at Chase View Farm Kunekune boars on this side of the wire, gilts on the other 10 Large Black piglets enjoying some sunshine