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We're not twitchers, not by a long chalk, but love watching the comings and goings on our bird feeders. We get quite a few and spend nearly as much on wild bird seed as we do our chicken food.

The fields are surrounded by dense native hedgerows of hawthorn, blackthorn, alder and hazel. There are also a few self-seeders like holly and yew, giving a little bit of year-round green.  Our first Red Kite sighted this year.

The first swallow arrived on the 17th April (previous years 6th, 14th, 7th April)

2015 Bird sightings:

Dunnock                Blue Tit                               Great Tit             Bullfinch

House Sparrow      Coal Tit                               Long Tailed Tit    Red Kite

Magpie                  Blackbird                             Redwing             Lapwing*

Pied Wagtail           Rook                                  Carrion Crow       Jackdaw*

Song Thrush          Buzzard                               Robin

Wood Pigeon          Great Spotted Woodpecker   Chaffinch

Nuthatch                Greenfinch                          Goldfinch

Kestrel                   Fieldfare                             Collared dove

Redpoll                   Siskin                                 Wren

Yellowhammer        Tree Creeper                      Swallow

* new for 2015

Chase View Farm kestrel