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Chase View Farm chickens Chase View Farm chicken looking for a new home

We have a small but productive collection of chickens at Chase View Farm. They have a coop to the side of the house but have access to the whole farm and can often be found following a spade in the hope of a worm or two. They are very tame and would sell their souls for a couple of grapes. We have a Speckledy, Sussex Ranger, Blue Ranger, Rhode Rock and Silver Laced Brahma of the large breeds and Pekin, Coral and Rhode Island Red bantams. Our Rhode Rock cross went broody and hatched a clutch of Sablepoot and Lavendar Pekin on 19th May, pictured below at 2 days old.

Link to The Poultry Club website high-rise accommodation in our orchard for some chickens Link to Staffordshire Chickens website, Eccleshall cream legbar, silver laced brahma and pekin bantam Surrogate mother hen with 8 chicks (4 Lavendar Pekin and 4 Sablepoot)